One of our firm’s greatest strengths is the depth and breadth of our commercial litigation practice. Since our law firm’s founding, commercial litigation has been central to the firm’s operations. Whether in the courtroom, in a deposition or at the negotiation table, our commercial litigation attorneys are known for their skillful handling of matters. From negotiating or litigating small issues for clients to the coordination of complex litigation of multiple claims in New York State, our lawyers bring thoughtful and practical experience to achieve desired results.

We know the fundamental measure of a good client relationship is how little our corporate clients worry about their commercial litigation cases which allows them to focus on the success of their businesses. From private and closely held companies, to entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, to individual clients, our New York litigation lawyers offer personalized legal counsel and work with the client to handle all the day-to-day issues in connection with the business litigation matter.


Our business law firm also prides itself on the quality of our work. We understand clients’ businesses, and work with them to achieve their goals. Depending on the commercial litigation matter and the complexity of the legal issues litigated, we regularly coordinate among the other commercial litigation attorneys in our firm to meet clients’ needs effectively and efficiently. We have the ability to handle business litigation across a gamut of industries including, but not limited to, technology, textiles, electronics, transportation, consumer products, manufacturing, health care, banking, insurance, real estate, legal, consulting, restaurant, and agriculture. Further, our business litigation lawyers have resources and experience in many aspects of commercial law, including corporate governance, franchising, finance, and commercial litigation, and regularly advice business clients on issues related to corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and professional corporations.
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